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We are a family business founded more than 10 years ago, where we intend to guarantee the comfort and satisfaction of our guests, through personalized attention for their well-being. Our collaborators are 100% local people, providing progress to our community, as part of our essence.


We are located in a privileged geographical position, for which we enjoy

a panoramic view of the city of Pereira, Dosquebradas and part of the PNN, in

in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape.


We are committed to the protection and conservation of the environment, cultural heritage and the community, therefore:

  • We protect the flora, fauna and natural resources that surround us.

  • We promote the conservation of natural assets and heritage values.

  • We prevent sexual exploitation and trade  of children and adolescents,

     ensuring compliance with the rights and duties of our guests,  

     collaborators, suppliers and partners.

  • We work to mitigate and eliminate the negative impacts that are

     can generate with the provision of rural accommodation services, in favor of  

     generate positive impacts.

  • We seek the development of activities that influence the improvement of the

     quality of life of the people who contribute with their work in Villa Ilusión and

     to  nearby community.

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