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Around us and in  the tourist area of the Serranía del  Alto del Nudo ,  

You can find coffee plantations , fruit trees of orange, lemon, banana, among others;  environment conducive to observing a wide variety of  birds, butterflies,  frogs and different kinds of  insects 

In Villa Ilusión  we offer personalized attention , where you will enjoy a quiet  and comfortable stay , living a special experience  in harmony with nature  and you will be cared for 100% by a local family, through a warm welcome from  our  roots  "Paisas and Vallunas.  

In our guest house you can appreciate a beautiful handcraft work, with the use of guadua (Bamboo) as the main element in the construction, typical of the  Culture of the Coffee Region,  thus we promote cultural preservation with a responsible and environmentally friendly use  environment.


Here you can see part of the Los Nevados National Park (PNN) , on the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes in Risaralda, Caldas and Quindío and a portion of the North of Valle del Cauca.

In the Infinity pool and our terraces, You will have a panoramic view to marvel at a sunrise or detail how a sunset melts between the mountains with the sounds of the wind, the song of birds, the croaking of frogs, the chirping of crickets and cicadas and perhaps see a Rainbow appear. with its natural colors on Pereira and Dosquebradas.


Some of these unique characteristics make the coffee route through the landscape coffee culture, has been recognized as a World Heritage Site, by UNESCO in 2011.

Vista desde Villa Ilusión
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